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  • Know Before You Go

    • The Auto Tour utilizes gravel roads that are suitable for most vehicles, including sedans and RVs. Be cautioned that the roads can become slippery with even small amounts of rain; we therefore suggest that you refrain from enjoying the Tour during inclement weather.

    • Each stop on the Tour is designated by an Auto Tour logo sign, a short description of the stop, and a number that corresponds to the numbered narratives in this brochure.

    • Also included are six Points of Interest (POI) that make intriguing “drive bys” or short side trips off the main Auto Tour route. Each POI sign has a Point of Interest sign and a letter that corresponds to the lettered narratives at the end of this brochure. Before you begin, check the map for the locations of each POI so that you can plan to include those that interest you in your tour.