Before you Begin

Safety Considerations

  • Begin with a full tank of gas, a good spare tire, plenty of water, and a map of the Grassland. Remember, cell phone coverage is patchy and there is no drinking water along the route.
  • The Carrizo Auto Tour is comprised primarily of dirt roads that may become extremely slick and impassable when wet; only state highways are paved.
  • The Grassland can be quite windy, thunder and hail storms are common and tornadoes do occur. Be prepared for sudden weather changes.
  • Slow down. The Grassland is open range and you may encounter livestock and wildlife on the roads and trails.
  • The Prairie and Massasuaga Rattlesnakes, both poisonous, call this place home.

Ethical Considerations

  • Respect private property and the rights of others to enjoy their activities undisturbed.
  • Keep wildlife wild. Don’t disturb or feed them.
  • Drive responsibly to protect the environment. Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted.
  • Help preserve our heritage by protecting historical and archaeological sites. 
  • Report any acts of vandalism to Comanche National Grassland offices: